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Welcome to Fiori di Luce!

We are pleased to introduce our delicious organic phyto cosmetic products.

Fiori di Luce is a company whose philosophy is based on a strong desire to maintain the natural equilibrium between man and mother nature. All our body care products are lovingly and carefully made, strictly adhering to these principles:

* support the natural functional characteristics of the skin
* use of selected raw materials and active principles of plant origin
* use of pure essential oils and officinal plants
* quality products
* no animal ingredients
* no animal testing
* no GMO, petroleum derivates, artificial colourings, silicones, additives, synthetic perfumes
* since the outer packaging is unnecessary and bad for the environment Fiori di Luce has decided not to use it

Day after day you will be able to appreciate their effects.

Created to enhance beauty, luminosity and wellbeing, our body care products are designed for:

- Face
- Body
- Hair
- Sun protection

When using Fiori di Luce phyto-cosmetic products you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of “wearing nature”.